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Meet the cook and founder of K BBQ Taco, Eun Pak.

Eun and her brother grew up in South Korea. She moved to the US her 20’s and settled in Los Angeles. She worked at a healthy living company and taught people how to cook using high quality cookware. Her cooking was based on using no oils and organic ingredients.

After she retired she moved to GA where she could afford to buy a lot of land to go back to her roots growing her own food. She started her own organic garden and within a year was able to grow so much she was giving it away to her neighbors and friends. Everyone that ate her vegetables or fruit kept telling her she should start her own business; she even grows her own organic Chamomile tea!

After the birth of her first grandchild, she realized how important it was for everyone to have access to affordable organic food. She asked her brother who was a top Chef in South Korea to move to the United States to join forces in opening up BBQ Takorea.

Great tasting organic and affordable food for the busy person who can’t cook for themselves. Get all the great taste without the guilt of fast food!

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